Saturday, January 25, 2014


I was looking through my angel patterns, trying to decide which one to make Audrey this year.  It was super snowy that day, so I couldn't resist Angelica, who looked like she was making a snow angel.

I added some stitching along the hem of her dress so she wouldn't be so blah.  I also used a sequin and bead in place of a punched circle on the bodice of the dress to give her a little bling.  Audrey looks forward to getting her angel every year and she always writes me a sweet note.

Love that!!


Welcome to 2014!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas . . . and if you made ornaments for gifts, I hope they were as well received as mine were!  Luke loved his drummer, Alex said Grumpy Cat was his favorite ornament yet, Mariah was excited with her penguin.  

Funny story . . . you probably remember earlier when I had made two of the Touchdown Tommy patterns in Ohio State colors.  One was for a family who are friends of ours, and the other was specifically for just the husband half of our best friends.  Well . . . Mr. Husband decided to abruptly leave his wife (after 35 years) in June.  (It's a long story that you really don't want to hear on a felt ornament blog!)  When it got to Christmas time and I started unpacking my completed ornaments and get them wrapped, there was OSU Tommy.  I looked at him and actually said aloud, "Oh -- there is NO WAY I'm giving you to him!"  Our church has a bazaar each Christmas for a cancer compassion fund and I put the ornament for sale there.  They thought I was nuts when I told them to put $15 on him, but I explained that he was completely hand-stitched and represented hours of my life.  He sold right away to a family from our church whose three children went to OSU.

Now it's on to 2014!  I always start with the ornaments I know for sure I'm going to make:  Audrey's angel and mice for Allyson and my mom.  Allyson was the first one up.  She's getting Snoozer this year.

He was relative quick and easy.  You can't see them too well, but I added some 1/8" hole-punched felt buttons on his tummy.  The trickiest part of this one was getting the hanging loop placed so he'd hang straight!

Ornaments from Susan and Kathy

I've said before that one of my favorite things is when blog readers get the patterns, make some ornaments, and then share their photos!  Kathy has been a faithful stitcher -- AND sharer.  Her work is just beautiful.  She handed her book of patterns to her husband and told him to pick one and he chose Cheezy Claus.  Isn't he adorable??

I had posted some of Susan's ornaments in a previous post. She emailed me again later to tell me that she shared the patterns with her aunt, who got right to work!  Here are some of her ornaments that Susan shared.

(I'm not sure if this is a Carolyn DeAngelis pattern or not.  They sure are cute!)

Galloping Tortoise

Humphrey Dumphrey III

Snug Bug

Calico Hospitality

Thank you so much, Kathy and Susan, for sharing your work!  I haven't stitched ANY of these particular patterns before and it's always so nice to see a new one finished.