Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yule Man for You All

This guy is really cute . . . until you make 5 of him in a row! He got a little old pretty quick since there was no real way to vary him. This was the Christmas gift for my choir and piano boys. I added a pompom for the nose and hat ball instead of stitching a felt circle.


Katrina was the Christmas gift for the girls who sing in my children's choir or take piano lessons from me. I made 5 of these in different colors. Pretty straightforward . . . I didn't make any changes other than stitching a dashed line across the bottom of the coat hem for a decorative accent.

Sweet Dreams

Here's my first "Audrey Angel." Audrey is my friend Rachel's little girl. I'm going to make her a different angel each year for Christmas. Isn't this one sweet? She was really quick -- I made her start-to-finish last night while I was watching TV. Here's what I did:

  • I used plain white felt for the clouds and glitter felt for the wings.

  • I added a real button to the pajama flap.

  • I added a silver pipe cleaner halo because I thought it was hard to tell she was an angel, and not just a baby napping on a cloud.

  • I made her little hand three-dimensional by stitching almost all the way around and then putting in some stuffing.


Brother Lee Love

Isn't this little guy hilarious? He was fun to do, and pretty easy. I did learn one important thing I will remember if I make another one: I won't fringe the hair until after everything else is complete. I did it before I sewed it on and wound up losing two pieces before it was all said and done. I cut some tiny pieces and glued them in the bald spot and no one will ever know . . . except you!

Here are some changes I made and things I did:

  • As usual, I made the arms three-dimensional by cutting two pieces for each and stitching and stuffing them. I then attached them at the sides when I stitched the whole body together.
  • I put little sandals on the feet. I cut a tiny piece of dark brown felt to go across the bottom and then stitched some little straps.

  • How much do you love that little rosary? I found the cross charms and brown-tone beads at my local craft store and basically just strung a little necklace using some thick carpet thread. Then I wound it around his hands, tacked it on the back with a dot of glue, and glued the hands together.

Nativity Kings

Here are my completed nativity kings. I love them! I made them for a Puerto Rican friend who celebrates Epiphany each January. Here are some changes I made to the patterns:

  • I used 3 different skin tones: brown, tan, and an Asian-sort of fleshy yellow.

  • I gave the "Asian" king some Asian-shaped eyes.

  • Obviously, I added some beads and sequins along the way!

  • I made the arms 3-D. Instead of cutting only one layer and stitching them down flat to the fronts of the bodies . . . I cut two layers, stuffed them, and sewed them onto the bodies when I stitched the bodies together. This meant stitching through 4 layers of felt along the outside edge of the arms, but the three 3-D effect is worth it!

  • I also made the gifts 3-D by cutting two layers and stitching & stuffing.

  • The gift in the hand of the Asian king is actually upside down. I just liked that shape better!