Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We have a young friend who began attending Ashland University here in Ohio this fall. Ashland's mascot is an eagle and their colors are purple and gold. I knew right away that I wanted to make him the eagle ornament for Christmas, but my creativity stopped there. On a campus visit, I spied a banner with an eagle whose body was purple. A-HA! I usually don't think up the ideas on my own, but I'm a masterful copier! I used Print Shop to make a varsity "A" to put on his chest. He turned out fantastic and I have no doubt that Caleb will be very happy at Christmas.

And now you know my big photography secret. I lay my ornaments on a yellow mailing envelope to take their pictures. I'm too lazy to crop the flap off of this one. And if you look at Star's picture, you can see the return address in the corner. Sorry to blow my cover!

Marching Band Bear #2

Kelly is now a sophomore, so this is bear #2 to add to her marching band. She's still honking away on her clarinet and is still loving band! Nothing exotic here. Stuck straight to the pattern.


This is my third ornament for my friend Rachel's daughter, Audrey. Rachel is currently expecting her 2nd child on October 21st, so I'll be rapidly stitching another ornament for their tree this year as soon as I know whether the baby is a boy or a girl. This is not my favorite of the three angels I've made for Audrey, but amongst a collection, little Star will be just fine.