Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Touchdown Tommy

I made this as a thank-you for a friend -- obviously a UK fan. I printed the letters out using the Varsity font and then cut them from felt. The stitching wasn't so bad . . . but they were a HUGE pain to cut out! I think the next time, I'll hot glue-baste the cleats in place before stitching. I didn't notice until I was done that they don't match. They're farther apart on one shoe than the other.

Marching Band Bear

Our friends' daughter, Kelly is starting high school this year and is in marching band. We decided to do a 4-piece band for her, adding one member each year. There are only 3 DeAngelis patterns, so I had to get creative since Kelly plays a clarinet. I made mine from felt with silver sequins on it. You could also paint a wooden golf tee black and put silver dots on it. It's the perfect size.