Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pacos and Donkey

This summer, our family took a trip to Mexico.  We all had a great time swimming, sunning, snorkeling, and just generally being lazy.  We also really enjoyed the local cuisine.  The maitre d' at one restaurant really left a lasting impression on all of us.  He was an absolute riot and kept us laughing through our whole meal.  His name was Roberto Carlos, but Mariah has insisted on calling him Robert Carl, which she says is his American name.

Here we are taking the typical tourist pic.  And yes, I probably COULD have found a less flattering picture of myself!

And here is Mariah with her new best friend, Robert  Carlos:

I wanted to make an ornament to commemorate our trip and it wasn't a hard decision. Pacos!  I thought about designing a girlfriend for him, but I've already done an international pair this year and, I'm not gonna lie, I did think about the time involved with everything else going on in our lives.  I remembered my Eskimo and husky dog and decided to give Pacos a burro instead of a woman.  (Something tells me he does not share my enthusiasm for this idea!)

They turned out great and we'll think of wonderful memories from our first vacation as a family of four every time we look at them!