Monday, December 28, 2009


I know I made her . . . . but isn't she the cutest thing?

Her body shape was a little strange. She's noticeably shorter than most of the other DeAngelis ornaments and she's almost proportioned like a little person. I think if I did her again, I'd have to get rid of the bouffant hairdo and maybe search through patterns for another hairstyle that could be swapped. But, bad hair or not, she is adorable!

Karate Kid

This is another original design from me – the non-drawer. I had to “interpret” a piece of clipart I found. I was pretty pleased with how he turned out.

For those of you who have read all the other blog posts on here, you’ll be interested to know that Karate Kid is engaged to Nurse Naomi and they will be getting married next July. I’m sure you can guess which ornaments they’ll be receiving next year!

Jeffrey Jump-Up

This is the second time I've stitched this ornament and it might be the last! He is really tedious, but the end product is worth the hassle. He just has a lot of little pieces and seems to take about 3 times as long as any other ornament.
This was made for our friends' son who plays basketball at Heidelberg College. Their home game jerseys are actually orange, but I didn't think the basketball would show up very well, so I did the away game colors. I backstitched orange and black around the edges of the uniform to get the school colors on there.

Some of Ouida's Ornaments

Ouida sent me pictures of only some of her felt ornaments. These are ones she did just recently.

The 3 Little Pigs:

She used a pipecleaner for the broom handle and a real ribbon for the bow tie on the pig on the left. The middle pig has a felt hoe handle that's stuffed with a pipe cleaner. The pig on the right has real buttons on his vest and a pompom on his hat. She stitched all the tails and stuffed them with pipe cleaners so they'd be 3D. Ouida uses real pipecleaners made for pipes, and not craft store pipecleaners. The real ones aren't as fuzzy and the wire is stiffer. Gotta get some of those!

Bearry Special Christmas:

Again, this one has a real ribbon bow at the neck.
Mother Goose:

Those look like pipecleaner legs to me . . . . but knowing Ouida, they're probably stitched from felt and stuffed with a pipecleaner!