Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fisher Price Little People

Here's where the love affair began:

That's me on my third birthday receiving my first piece of Fisher Price little people wonder.  That farm . . . just the thought of it makes me smile.  Do you remember it?

The trough, the fence, that pig . . . . the chicken, crafted with a square hole in its bottom so it could sit on the fence post . . . the barn door that mooed when you opened it . . . the silo that stored the pieces.  Genius.  

My sister and I amassed a collection that included the village, the house, the castle, the Sesame Street neighborhood, and others.  I can't begin to recount the hours and hours we spent arranging furniture and crafting lives for our little plastic friends.  

And then the miniature world went the way of Jarts.  It's all fun and games until somebody chokes on a little plastic man

I've told you before that ornaments are a BIG deal in my family.  I like to give my sister an ornament or two every year and I like them to have some sort of meaning.  Hallmark made some fabulous Fisher Price ornaments a few years ago.  Here's their version of the farm:

It's for sale right now on Ebay with a current bid of $64.99.  I know you'll want to race right over and buy one!  Yeah . . . out of my price range, too.  I love my sister, but . . . .

Felt is cheap, so to the drawing board I went.  I started looked at some images to determine which people I wanted to make.  So many little people, so little time!

I opted for a boy, girl, dog set.  But there were still so many decisions!  I decided to do my dog with the red collar.  (Did you know his name is Lucky?)  The boy HAD to be the crabby one.  Ouida said her son never wanted to play with the "mean boy."  LOL!  I opted for the brunette girl (obviously) and decided on a nice blue color that went well with the other color scheme.  Get ready to fall in love.

The girl's fade didn't turn out as round as I would've liked.  (That's a persistent problem with these ornaments.  The face sometimes gets pulled down into the neck when you stuff them.)  The boy looks awesome!  I gave you a side view so you could see his hat bill.  I think the dog is my favorite.  I made the muzzle a separate piece and put a little stuffing in it so it would have some dimension like the real toy.  My sister is going to LOVE these and I can't wait to give them to her!

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