Saturday, December 14, 2013

Josh '85

This might possibly go down as the greatest ornament of all time.  It's for our friends' son, Luke . . . owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers player and the squirrel with aviator glasses.  He's in the 8th grade this year and is a drummer in his middle school band.

This ornament has a million pieces, but there was really nothing too tedious about putting it together -- it just took awhile.  I used pipe cleaners to stuff the drum and cymbal stands.  I used toothpicks for the drumsticks.  I cut off the sharp ends and added a tiny drop of hot glue to one end and then painted them.

Ouida remembers that Carolyn DeAngelis had a grandson named Josh and she designed an ornament each year for him.  I wonder how old Josh is now . . . and if he has a collection of his grandmother's ornaments.  I hope so!

I have no legitimate reason to have a drummer on my own tree, but I love this little guy so much that I might have to consider making one for myself!

We noticed a similarity to this ornament I made for my husband a few years ago.  We're wondering if they're in the same band . . . . or if they just shop in the same clothing store -- LOL!

I'm sure this will be my last post for 2013.  I have enjoyed hearing from all of you this year.  Everyone seems to have ornaments and stories and fond memories of these little works of art (that's what I think they are).  I hope your Carolyn DeAngelis heirlooms are hanging proudly on your trees and bring you joy this Christmas season.  Best wishes for a blessed holiday and a happy new year from my family to yours!

Susan's Ornaments

Susan, a blog reader, contacted me about patterns and had the most fantastic story about her ornaments.  She has some that her 93 year-old grandmother made back in the 1970's!  Now Susan and her daughters have continued the tradition and make the ornaments themselves.  They were looking for more patterns to expand their collection and I was SO happy to be able to share mine with them.  They, in turn, shared photos of their beautiful ornaments.  I love their classic method of doing the sequin outline.  Something I definitely do NOT have the patience for!

I've labeled these with their Carolyn DeAngelis pattern name -- unless it's a pattern I don't have.  Enjoy!

Two versions of African Rubber Neck



Captain Russell
(This is definitely one I want to make now that I've seen it!)

Dreamy Kitty

Two versions of Christmas Carrier

Christmas Seal

Country Mouse

Easter Bonny



Garden Guardian


Hop A Bit


Lovin' Dove

Mama Claus

 Missus Mouse

Nativity Joseph

Nativity Mary

Neighborly Love


Polka Dot Ellie



Two versions of a seahorse

Snow Youth

Snug Bug


Turkish Delight