Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tin Lizzy

I knew from the first time I saw Clif's photo of this pattern that I wanted to make it.  Since my oldest nephew is turning 16 in June and getting his license this summer, it seemed like perfect timing!  I loved Clif's color choices on this, so I totally ripped him off!  (Sincerest form of flattery, remember?)

These are not the greatest pictures.  I had a hard time finding a background that worked with this ornament.  Just imagine that it looks more fabulous in person, because it does!  The blue, burgundy, and gold felts I used had a heathery look to them.  I thought there were some fun opportunities to play with dimension on this one.  The bumper and gold radiator are separate pieces that are stuffed and glued on.  The little license plate has Alex's initials and the year.  It's two layers of felt stitched together and glued on.

This is a rare pattern that has some details on the back.  The oval cutout is the rear window.  When you see the flat drawing, it looks like this goes on the front.  I actually saw this ornament somewhere online and the person HAD stitched this piece on the front.  Oops!  I stuffed my tire and glued it on.  (The hubcap isn't really off-center like it appears.  It's just the angle of the picture.)  I added the same bumper from the front.  I toyed with leaving off his name and the year since that info is really on the license plate, but since I've stitched his name and the year on all his other ornaments, my OCD nature wouldn't allow me to omit it!

This is a really cute one and great for a new driver . . . . or any guy!


Here's my 2014 mouse for my mom's collection.  I used small sequins for the hours on the clock and a large sequin in the middle.  I'll say one thing for this ornament:  IT'S BIG!