Thursday, July 6, 2017


I departed from my ornament schedule and whipped up a couple of quick ones for my kids over the weekend.  As teenagers, they communicate primarily through text and they are quite fond of emojis.  I've noticed two, in particular, that I receive on a regular basis:  the laughing-with-tears face and the poop.  Very nice.  The laughing-with-tears seems to be their response to everything.  If you judged this family solely by their texts, you'd think we live in a constant state of hilarity.  I'm funny, but I can assure you that no one is sitting around this house crying in hysteria.  

I did a quick Google search for the emojis and whipped up a pattern.  I'm including the patterns here and you can stitch them to your heart's content!  They're very quick and would make a great gift.  The tears on the laughing face are stitched separately and then glued on.  Same thing for the eyes and mouth on the poop.  I must confess, looking at that poop makes me want to stitch a soft-serve ice cream cone with a cute face!

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