Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Marching Brayden

If you remember, last month I posted the Marching Mariah ornament.  Time for Marching Brayden!  Here's a picture of the kids so you can refresh your memory.

Brayden plays snare drum and the percussion uniforms are quite different from the rest of the band.  I was able to use the same basic body type from Mariah's ornament and just make some basic changes to the uniform and the arm positions.  (Yes -- you can have this pattern.)

I thought toothpicks would be a little too small scale-wise, so I bought the tiniest dowel rod I could find in the Walmart craft department.  The drummers wrap their sticks with colored electrical tape and everyone chooses their own design.  I had Brayden draw me a picture of what his look like so I could duplicate them.  He turned out great!

I didn't bother stitching the "WH" on the chest because I knew the snare drum harness would cover it up.  I was worried about the beret looking like a blob, but I think it looks okay.  I was also concerned as I was stitching that Brayden's ornament was bigger than Mariah's, but once I got them done I could see that it was perfect.   

I can't wait to see these on the tree this year.  I know if I post a picture of these on Facebook, I'll be hit with a million requests for orders.  My answer will be, as always, "You can't afford it!"

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